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Extraordinary Art 

Since 2012 Lyra has been creating extraordinary work for, with and by children and young people from Greater Craigmillar.


Find out more about about our current and past projects below... 


An in-school letter-writing residency project inspired by the quiet determination and tenacity of Carigmillar's Helen Crummy. Created by Jo Timmins and Lou Brodie.


A series of strategic events to support and build the creative community in Greater Craigmillar

IMG_3154 2.JPG

Celebrating 10 years of extraordinary art in an extraordinary place. Lyra celebrated its 10th Birthday in 2022 with parties, performances, visits and more.


These four films were commissioned by our Young Artists in 2020 and were presented at our Bright & Wild Festival in 2021. 

They worked together with their Lead Artists to create and devise these works together.

Lone Wolf was performed in August 2017 to both public and school audiences as part of the Edinburgh Fringe programme.

Wild Heart is a Lyra production by Jo Timmins with Caitlin Mulgrew, Natalia Barua and Lyra’s Young Company. 

Young curators ages 14-19 used an artistic process to explore their local heritage, engaging with upwards of 850 local people. 

dansen was an exciting new dance project for young people aged between 8-14 in Craigmillar, Niddrie and Easterhouse and led by Imaginate, Lyra and Platform.

Lyra_That Feeling When_Edit_Dress Rehearsal_87.jpg

A Lyra Young Company production by Natalia Barua with Caitlin Mulgrew and Jo Timmins. That Feeling When is a sensory dance theatre production that asks how the seasons can be a guide to teenhood. 


Four new works commissioned by our Young Artists in 2022 and presented at our third annual Bright & Wild Festival in 2023.

Check out what our Young Artists and their Lead Artists created together.


Four new works commissioned by our Young Artists in 2021 and presented at our Bright & Wild Festival in 2022.

They worked together with their Lead Artists to create and devise these works together.


In 2019 our Young Artists commissioned four live performance projects. Sadly, due to the pandemic, these performances didn't take place. Determined to capture these works, the Young Artists worked with their directors to create short films, which document and celebrate their projects.

A co- production between Curious Seed and Lung Ha Theatre Company in association with Lyra.

Sampler is an exciting dance-theatre and music show made by Lyra's Young Company, working with professional theatre, dance and music makers.​​

Hush is Lyra’s flexible ‘Bedtime, Hawaii & Rabbit’ themed space with soft furnishings, chill-out room, interactive lighting, materials for den building and stimulus for role-play and storytelling. 

A promenade performance, set against the striking backdrop of Craigmillar Castle for children between the ages of 8-12. 

An exciting new project for children and teenagers in Greater Craigmillar led by Artist Jo Sharp where we will ask 'what does a loving community look like?'.

Once Upon a Snowstorm2021_29.jpg

A gentle winter tale for young audiences aged 5-8 and their families.

Lyra_Where We Are_April 2022_21.jpg

A creative initiative by Lyra, Starcatchers and Imaginate, encompassing a travelling ensemble, creative play, and participatory performance making all co-designed with children and young people across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife.

Lyra Goes Digital 2020 was a way to keep in touch with our amazing young people during the summer of 2020. 

This Way Up is a promenade dance-theatre piece with live music, made and performed by Lyra's Young Company working with Jo Timmins, Caitlin Mulgrew, Holly Irvine and Bridie Gane.

Young people from Craigmillar collaborated with Belgian peers and professional artists in an international exchange, creating a dance-theatre piece about what it feels like to be lost and how you find your way home.

Hannah Venet worked with Lyra’s Young Company to create a complex, rich and layered performance performance with 17 young dancers and musicians. 

An entrepreneurial project for a small group of young people. Originally created with Castleview P7’s as a temporary tuckshop, it has been a hit since it opened at the Imaginate Festival in 2013.

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