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Wild Heart

Wild Heart is a Lyra production by Jo Timmins with Caitlin Mulgrew, Natalia Barua and Lyra’s Young Company. Apart from the song Wild Heart, which was written by Stevie Nicks, all of the material for the show (choreography, music and text) has been created by the young company members working alongside professional artists. 

What does it take to survive in the wild?
How do you prepare?
What does it take to survive in a world ruled by adults?
Or as a child in a teenager’s world?
How do you find your way?
And what does it take to keep the wildness in your heart alive?

Wild Heart is a dance-theatre performance about wildness, resilience and survival for children aged 8+ and their families. 


Cast and Credits

​Lyra’s Young Company:                                                     
Aiden, Delali, Grace, Lucy, Manal, Nadia, Olivia, Ruby, Skye, Sophie, Steph, Stephanie, Tommy.
Kieran and Konrad.
Jo Timmins
Composer and Sound Designer:Caitlin Mulgrew
Choreograher: Natalia Barua
Design: Jo Timmins
Creative Assistant: Megan Horn
Technical Manager: Thom Hall
Stage Manager: Katrina Alexander
Rehearsal Stage Manager: Nicola Milazzo
Design Assistant/Set & Props Maker: Verity Sinclair
Young Company Assistant: Doug Kemp, Jo Sharp and Farhad Ahmed
Young Company Intern: Hannah Scrine
Young Company Leader: Skye

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