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Little Top

A magical first circus experience

By Starcatchers and SUPERFAN

Friday 1st March at 2pm Ages 0-18 months and their adult

Little Top will transport you to a playful, joyous, upside down, topsy-turvy world where people can fly, patterns fill the air and anything is possible.


At a time in their development when young children are discovering their own physicality and the pleasures and perils of gravity, Little Top invites babies to experience spectacular balances, astonishing tumbles and inventive juggling in a specially-designed set that miniaturises the magic of the Big Top.


Little Top’s beautiful set creates a colourful, cosy and welcoming space where professional circus acrobats, tumblers and jugglers perform up close in babies’ line of sight, making eye contact, and interacting and responding to their young audience.

Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, British Council and Made in Scotland

Going for Gold: Me & Linford Christie

A solo show about one girl’s journey to Olympic success

By Catherine Wheels Theatre Company & Vickie Beesley

Monday 11th March at 7pm Ages 8+ and their families

Vickie wants to compete at the Olympics. There is only one obstacle; she isn’t very good at sport. Yet despite the odds, her love for athletics takes her all the way to London 2012. Inspired by Victoria’s own childhood obsession with athletics, this is a story about loving failure and dreaming big – even if there’s no chance you’ll make that dream come true.

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And The Birds Did Sing_800x800 - Image by Yvonne Buskie, graphics by Val Reid.jpg

And the Birds Did Sing (preview)

An intimate solo dance theatre work by Christine Devaney (Curious Seed)

Tuesday 19th March at 7pm

Ages 12+ 

This is about living but it began with a death.

This is about existing and not existing, and a child’s heart-bursting belief that there is something in between.

This is about love.


CURIOUS SEED presents And the Birds Did Sing.  Blending contemporary dance and storytelling, And the Birds Did Sing is an intimate solo dance theatre work, performed with an evocative soundtrack, poetic text and ethereal set design. Loosely structured around creator and performer Christine Devaney's childhood memories, made in collaboration with musician Luke Sutherland and artist Yvonne Buskie, this work leads the audience on a poignant journey.


Personal in tone, And the Birds Did Sing speaks to universal human themes such as growing up, life and death, the passing of time and love. Holding a delicate balance between sadness and joy, this solo incorporates dance, spoken word, visuals, and music, with humour and tenderness.


A night time outdoor performance and mobile projection parade

By Megahertz

Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st March at 7.30pm

All ages

STRUT is a night time outdoor performance and mobile projection parade featuring five local Greater Craigmillar dance heroes who perform personal choreographies in their own dance styles.


STRUT is a procession of outdoor dance performances partnered with stunning large scale building  projections and a light show for everyone to encounter from your pavements, windows and doorsteps. The rotating one-performer parade weaves through the streets, giving viewers time to watch several dances, and show your appreciation by cheering, flickering your lights and waving to your neighbours before the procession has moved away.


Wednesday 20th March's route will begin at Lyra - we hope you will meet us there at 7.30pm to join the procession through Craigmillar. 

Thursday 21st March's route will begin at the junction of Niddrie Mill Crescent/Niddrie Mill Avenue - we hope you will meet us there at 7.30pm to join the procession through Niddrie. 

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In Praise of Shadows.jpg

In Praise of Shadows

Storytelling, shadow puppetry, singing and live music

By Julia Darrouy

Friday 19th April at 2pm Ages 7+ and their families

Follow the story of a child who gets their hopes and dreams stolen and the journey of their family to rekindle them. The show tells folk tales from different cultures, including Greece, Japan, Mediterranean and Zimbabwe. Storyteller Julia uses live drawing and shadow puppets that appear on the ceiling, the walls, the floor to create a sense of wonder. This show is accompanied by live music and singing.

2023/24 Young Artists Programme
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Our programme of FREE weekly performing arts workshops for children and young people aged 5+ has now started and runs until May 2023. 


Find out more about the programme HERE. (Limited places available)

All our projects are free and you don't need experience to take part. We try to balance the ages and numbers of pupils from each of our partner schools so ask you to register and join the waiting list until a place becomes available.

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