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Lyra recognises that participants, parents/carers and/or volunteers have the right to make a complaint about any matter related to their involvement with Lyra. This could be in relation to another participant, a volunteer, a member of the paid staff, or the manner in which they are being treated by Lyra. In addition, any other person is entitled to make a complaint about the organisation.


Employees and paid freelance staff should use the Grievance Procedure detailed in their contract.


It is hoped that most issues can be resolved through open communication and an informal discussion with a complainant’s main contact person at Lyra. However, where this is not possible, this complaints procedure is in place to ensure that all difficulties, issues or problems are dealt with in a prompt and fair manner.

Complaints Procedure

  1. If a volunteer, young person, parent/carer or member of the public has a complaint against a member of staff, a volunteer or the organisation in general we first encourage them to raise it informally, either with the person involved (if applicable), that person’s manager or the Executive Producer.

  2. The complainant can make a formal complaint if:

    • They feel raising it informally has not worked

    • They do not want it dealt with informally

    • It’s a serious complain e.g. harassment, bullying or whistleblowing

  3. To raise a formal complaint, they should first contact the Artistic Director/CEO by email to detail the complaint. If the Artistic Director/CEO is the person(s) whom the complaint is against then the matter should be referred to the Chair of Lyra’s board who will appoint a trustee to hear the complaint.

    • A meeting may be held by phone or in person to discuss the complaint in more detail and agree actions.

    • A notetaker will be present and will take a note of the meeting and any action agreed. Notes should be signed by all parties, kept in a secure place and a copy will be given to the complainant.

    • The person hearing the complaint may need time to investigate before responding. They will attempt to do this as quickly as possible and usually within 10 working days.

  4. If the matter is not resolved the complaint should be made in writing to the Chair of Lyra’s board. It will be dealt with within ten working days and treated in a confidential manner.

  5. If the complaint remains unresolved the complainant has the right to request that the issue is referred to a mutually agreed Third Party (e.g. Youth Scotland or local Council for Voluntary Services).

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