Equal Opportunities Policy

Lyra recognises that discrimination exists and is committed to ensuring that discrimination is eradicated in all of its own practices and guiding principles. It is only possible for the company to work successfully if equal opportunity practices are an integral feature of all aspects of the life of the company.
It is our policy that regardless of an individual’s politics, race, colour, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, social or economic class, ability, HIV status, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, appearance, unrelated criminal convictions or marital or parental status, they will be treated fairly and equally by Lyra.
The company should promote an atmosphere of equal opportunities. This should be demonstrated from the work of the company board, artistic director, company staff (permanent and freelance) – right through to the practices of the company and the interaction with the young people.

Any member of the company acting in a manner contrary to the spirit of the policy should be made aware of the unacceptable nature of his/her behaviour.

Equal opportunities issues should be seen as inter-related and as applying to all aspects of our company life. This should be kept in mind when reading the points outlined below, which cover the main areas.

Member of the company: in relation to this equal opportunities policy, when talking about ‘members of the company’ we refer to all members of the board, staff (both permanent and freelance) and all participants of Lyra projects.


We acknowledge that members of the company come from diverse backgrounds; some have no religious faith; others are committed to a greater or lesser extent to a variety of religions. We seek to promote an ethos of tolerance based on understanding of and respect for the beliefs and practices of others.

Culture, Class and Race

We acknowledge that members of the company come from diverse cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds and we endeavour to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect in order to help to promote a company and a society in which there is social, religious and racial harmony.

We recognise the inequalities of opportunity that exist within society for individuals and groups and are determined to take positive action to enable every individual to raise his/her self-esteem, expectations and performance so as to have wider choices in life.
We understand the need to be different without being excluded.

We value the history, experience and contribution of our multicultural community and seek to express this in the work and life of our company; all members should feel that their language or dialect is valued and that bilingualism is regarded as advantageous. We try to counter negative, patronising and stereotyped views; a prime cause of prejudice is ignorance and misunderstanding.

We will not tolerate racist behaviour in any form.

We actively seek the involvement of our young people's parents/guardians and inform them of our commitment to developing mutual respect. 


As a company, we accept that there are gender inequalities in our society which impose limits, particularly on girls' expectations and behaviour, so we constantly examine our practice for gender bias or inequality.

We encourage young people to be aware of the rigid sex stereotypes presented by, for example, the media and to question the way that messages are displayed to us. Our activities as a company are inclusive and encourage young males and females to work collaboratively and break down perceived gender barriers.

We try to ensure that Lyra staff working with young people:

  • allocate their time fairly between the sexes

  • allow all young people to have opportunities for working with pupils of both sexes

  • break down traditional sex stereotypes (for example by not asking boys to move furniture while girls tidy up)

  • challenge young people to have opportunities for examining their own pre-conceived ideas of gender-roles 


As a company, we make no assumptions or judgements about the sexuality of any of our members.

Derogatory name-calling (of any sort) is unacceptable.

Additional Support Needs

We welcome members with additional support needs. We undertake to assess and meet the needs of all our members as far as we are able. We aim to create a happy and positive environment in which all members can prosper.

Because young people develop at different rates for different activities, we adopt a child-centred approach to participation that is based on each child's individual needs.

We try to ensure that members with physical disabilities are facilitated in participating in the company’s work as far as possible.

Young people with special educational needs constitute a very diverse group; they include those with physical, emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties, those with impaired sight or hearing. We acknowledge that especially able young people have additional needs, too. 

Recruitment and Selection

Lyra recruitment and selection policies are based on good equal opportunities practice.


Applications are welcomed from all sections of the community and candidates will be considered solely on their professional suitability for the post. 

General Equal Opportunities Statement

This policy covers all of Lyra’s management and marketing working practices, and all dealings with existing and potential employees and clients.
All members of Lyra must agree to uphold this policy and it is the role of the board members to ensure that it is implemented.
All future employees and prospective employees will be given a copy of this policy.
The effectiveness of this policy will be evaluated by the board members annually.
Any employee who feels that they have been unfairly treated within the terms of this policy should contact the board.

Environmental Policy

Lyra is committed to continually improve and monitor our environmental impacts.
We aim to reduce our environmental impact in our everyday operational practice and to incorporate environmental factors in our business decisions and at strategic planning levels.
We will lead by example, encouraging associates, customers and suppliers to do the same. We wholly support and comply with, or indeed exceed, the requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of practice:


  • Reduce, reuse and recycle the waste produced by our operations

  • Increase energy efficiency

  • Make sustainable travel choices

  • Purchase products and services that do the least damage to the environment, where possible, and encourage others to do the same.

  • Risk-assess environmental impact of any new processes in advance of introduction and build in an environmental check to project planning

  • Embed environmental approaches into our company workings and ethos

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation

  • Appoint a Board Director with overall responsibility for the compliance of our environmental policy

  • Appoint a staff member with overall responsibility for the implementation of our environmental policy

We are members of the 
Green Arts Initiative.