This Way Up

This Way Up is a promenade dance-theatre piece with live music, made and performed by Lyra's Young Company working with Jo Timmins, Caitlin Mulgrew, Holly Irvine and Bridie Gane.

What is it like when our home, or part of what makes us feel at home is lost? How do we re-build? Where do we start?
If home were a feeling it would be... crumbly.
the sound of shouting.
warm, with a breeze.
If home were a person it would be me.

Cast and Credits
Jo Timmins
Composer: Caitlin Mulgrew
Designer: Valerie Reid
Technician and Lighting Design: David Bowes
Costume Design: Jessica Brettle
Dance Artist: Holly Irvine
Dance Artist: Bridie Gane
Music Assistant: Doug Kemp
Young Company Assistant: Megan Horn
Performed by
Ayo, Delali, Grace, Karmen, Konrad, Kyle, Sandy, Skye and Ty