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Rebecca's Midnight

A promenade performance, set against the striking backdrop of Craigmillar Castle for children between the ages of 8-12.


Rebecca wants to disappear.  She has tried everything she can think of: magic tricks, running away, hiding.  She has never paid much attention to the castle before but tonight it looks like the perfect place to disappear.


A story about a girl trying to make sense of her place in the world, where she discovers that sometimes to disappear you have to find the place where you want to appear.
Created by
Jo Timmins and Lewis Hetherington
Design: Valerie Reid
Music: Daniel Padden
Lighting: Kate Bonney
Performers:  Sarah Hebeisen, Eilidh Macaskill, Thomas Hobbins
Rebecca/The Boy: Ciara Flanagan, Alainna Flanagan

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