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Community Gatherings

A series of strategic events to support and build the creative community in Greater Craigmillar

Working in partnership with local arts organisations Drake Music Scotland, Craigmillar Now, Curious Seed and Scottish Chamber Orchestra in Craigmillar

These gatherings aim to promote the existing artistic community, build and upkeep new connections of local artists and facilitators, those working and/or interested in working with children and young people in the area. They are a chance to meet, hang out and get to know other organisations from Greater Craigmillar better, in a social capacity. The Community Gatherings help us to strengthen our relationships, to support one another and also have fun!

Facilitated by Lyra's Engagement Facilitator Caitlin Mulgrew and produced by Lyra's Executive Producer James Preston, the first event took place on 3 May 2023 at Lyra. Live music and a wild ceilidh were accompanied by an open mic and a sustainable dinner created by Bridgend Farmhouse. Craigmillar Now facilitated the live creation of a community map of 'makars and doers'.


The first gathering was made up of: 

  • artists - 34%, community organisations - 24%, facilitators 21%, others - 21%

  • 95% of attendees found the Community Gathering useful for making new connections with the Greater Craigmillar community

  • 57% thought it was somewhat likely that new works/projects or partnerships will emerge as a result of connections they made at the gathering

Thanks to City of Edinburgh Council Creative Community Hubs funding for supporting the Community Gatherings.

Great event! It really lifted my energy and it was awesome to see everyone come together and meet some folk who are working in the area. Thank you! 

The evening was wonderful - perfect. Thanks so much for inviting me. Great to meet new folk with similar aims. It was heartening to see the community come together for such a night. 

I enjoyed this event, and thank you so much for the organisation and invitation. I met new people and people I had only met on Zoom! It was beneficial to have a space to talk, eat, and just have a right good time connecting 😊 

I really enjoyed the event, it was one of the most accessible and diverse ceilidhs I've ever attended! Please make it an annual thing. 

Thank you! It was a lovely event and I came out feeling much more connected to other artists and groups within the community.

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