sample: a small amount of something that gives you information about the thing it was taken from 
Sampler is an exciting dance-theatre and music show made by Lyra's Young Company, working with professional theatre, dance and music makers. 
Sampler is a celebration of the random and seemingly disconnected fragments that when pieced together give a unique picture of who we are.
Inspired by sampling techniques in music and by traditional cross-stitch samplers, the Young Company have turned their identities and emotions into a performance using sampling and samplers as a vehicle for expression. 
Sampler is suitable for everyone aged 8 – 12 years and their families.
Sampler is supported by
Young Start, The Robertson Trust, the Garfield Weston Foundation and by Kintry Environmental Trust.

Sampler’s creative team is:

Jo Timmins – Director                                            
Mark Bleakley - Lead Dance & Visual Artist
Caitlin Mulgrew - Music Artist                               
Nicola Milazzo - Design & Creative Technician
Ema Park - Dance Artist                                        
David Bowes - Technician
Konrad - Production Trainee
Performed by
Ella, Steph, Kyle, Grace, Ayo, Ty, Delali, Skye and Sandy.

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Lyra is a Limited Company, SC280248 and Scottish Charity SC036506
Lyra is grateful for financial support from Creative Scotland, BBC Children in Need, Garfield Weston Foundation, Kintry Environmental Trust, The Robertson Trust, Big Lottery Fund Uk - Young Start, The Corra Foundation, The Barcapel Foundation, The Hugh Fraser Foundation and The Nancie Massey Charitable Trust