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Bright & Wild Young Artist Commissions 2023

In May 2023, Lyra presented its second annual Bright & Wild festival. Over two weekends, we presented four new productions created in collaboration with Lyra's Young Artists. These productions were commissioned by the Young Artists themselves in 2022, and they collaborated with their Lead Artists for nine months, creating and devising together. Bright & Wild was produced and hosted by Lyra's Culture Crew.


Bright & Wild Festival 2023 was supported by City of Edinburgh Council, Creative Scotland, Young Start - The National Lottery Community Fund, Places for People, Walter Scott Giving Group, BBC Children in Need, The Fore, The Gannochy Trust, Radio Forth Cash for Kids, Bank of Scotland Foundation, The University of Edinburgh.


Arnold Clark Community Fund, Education Institute of Scotland, Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust, Dr Guthries Association, The Hugh Fraser Foundation, John Watson’s Trust, Stevenston Charitable Trust, Nancie Massey Charitable Trust, Miss ME Swinton Paterson Charitable Trust, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, William Syson Foundation.

After We Fell_edited.jpg

Image by Jassy Earl

After We Fell

Created by Niamh O'Loughlin with Youth Dance

Get ready to be transported…  


After We Fell tells the story of a crash landing on Earth. We meet a group of Beings as they figure out what happened and what will happen next. Can they work together to repair what is broken and find what is lost? Can they find joy in their isolation and solace in movement?  


An exploration of communication, feelings and adventure.  

Dream with Music

Created by Morgan Njobo with Youth Music

Dream with Music is an upbeat show inspired by the sound of our dreams. Vibrating rhythms complemented by joyous singing will take you on a journey exploring the power of imagination. 


Djembes and cajons will meet keyboard and bass, to create a unique performance that will make your feet tap and your hands clap!  

Dreaming with Music_edited.jpg

Image by Jassy Earl


Image by Lewis Sherlock

What Are You Wearing?

Created by Lewis Sherlock with Wednesday Young Artists

As the season changes, the old collection is cast aside and the new trend appears. Who are you wearing? Didn't you know? This is in, and that is out.   


What Are You Wearing? is a parody show about beauty, exclusivity and power. Join the Young Artists as they explore humanity through the untouchable world of fashion. Expect killer catwalks and green screen trickery.  Sit back, relax… and strike a pose.   

The Gorbals Vampire

Created by Daniel Gough with the Thursday Young Artists

Do vampires really exist?  


Close your eyes, we’re in 1950s Glasgow. Two boys have gone missing in the Gorbals neighbourhood and there have been sightings of a Vampire. Rumours spread like wildfire through the local playgrounds, inciting the children to sneak out of their warm beds at night to hunt this otherworldly beast.   


Inspired by a true story, The Gorbals Vampire explores the power of make believe, hysteria and the strength of children.    

The Gorbals Vampire.jpg

Image by Jassy Earl

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