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From Here

Young Lyra curators ages 14-19 used an artistic process to explore their local heritage, engaging with upwards of 850 local people. 
Over 12 months the group:

  • Commissioned 5 artists to produce new works in film, music, visual art and photography

  • Hosted a community dinner party

  • Led 2 guided walks along Edinburgh’s Innocent Railway

  • Organised a launch event for 75 international delegates

  • Presented on a discussion panel at Summerhall for the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

“The From Here group changed my life.  It made me a more confident person, helped me understand who I was and the kinda person I wanted to be.  It helped me become a better person.  I can finally have a normal conversation without feeling like an idiot cause I didn't understand certain words. I still occasionally do my photography stuff, I love it, my goal when I finished doing it was to go to Iceland and capture the northern lights and next year I'll be able to make that dream come true!” Young Curator
Created by:
Lou Brodie
Visual artists: Valerie Reid and Andrew Crummy
Music: David Maxwell
Film: Jamie Macdonald
Photography: Kat Gollock

FromHere 'Lean Down'.jpeg
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