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Bright & Wild Young Artist Commissions 2022

These projects were commissioned by the Young Artists in 2021, and they worked with their Lead Artists over nine months creating and devising together. This was the first time since the pandemic that Lyra’s Young Artists presented live performance; over two weeks in June, we presented  four brand new commissions created in collaboration with Lyra’s Young Artists. 


Bright & Wild is produced and hosted by our Culture Crew, who are a group of young people developing skills in creative industries at Lyra. 


Bright & Wild Festival 2022 was supported by City of Edinburgh Council, Creative Scotland, BBC Children in Need, Youngstart (delivered by Big Lottery Fund), The Robertson Trust, The Walter Scott Giving Group, Dr Guthrie’s Association, Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust, John Watson’s Trust, Nancie Massey Charitable Trust, Education Institute of Scotland, The Hugh Fraser Foundation, The Stevenston Trust

Bright & Wild 2022 Trailer

Bright & Wild 2022 Trailer

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Image by Maria Falconer 

Out of the Box

Created by Marion Geoffray with the Wednesday Young Artists


Welcome to the Box factory! A unique place filled with boxes of all sorts and shapes. Trying to sort them out is hard enough, but making them fit in is even harder! Go on an unexpected wander around the factory to discover what’s hidden inside the boxes, to hear what they have to say, and to help them realise that life is not just a tick box exercise, sometimes you just need to think… outside the box! 

When the Time Comes is a performance in an old church by eight girls, who construct a series of moving images to summon the theatricality of life and death. Somewhere between the sacred and the mundane, the girls throw their bodies at moments in time they have or have not yet experienced, to ask the adult audience how we talk to children about dying. Chairs fall, hair swings, matches flare. All of this as an impossible attempt to share the unspeakable nature of grief, beauty, loneliness, joy and growing up.


Image by Tommy Ga Ken Wan

When the Time Comes 

Created by Craig McCorquodale with the Thursday Young Artists


Bridging in Harmony.png

Image by Malgorzata Kepka 

Bridging in Harmony

Bridging in Harmony  is a multi-disciplinary music gig devised by Lyra’s young musicians. Through cover songs, original music and spoken word, the young musicians will take the audience on a musical journey to share the precious connections they have in their lives. 

Created by Marie-Gabrielle Koumenda with Youth Music


How to be a Superhero

Created by Holly Irving with Youth Dance


We all have super-powers. Some people might have forgotten what they are, but don’t you worry, The Super Troupe are here to remind you how super you really are.  


How to be a Superhero mixes contemporary dance and spoken word, and invites you to explore what it takes to be super and discover your own unique powers. 

What makes us super.jpg

Image by Andrew Perry

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