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Bright & Wild Young Artist Commissions 2024

In May 2024, Lyra presented its fourth annual Bright & Wild festival. Over two weekends, we presented four new productions created in collaboration with Lyra's Young Artists. These productions were commissioned by the Young Artists themselves in 2023, and they collaborated with their Lead Artists for nine months, creating and devising together. Bright & Wild was produced and hosted by Lyra's Culture Crew.


Bright & Wild Festival 2024 was supported by City of Edinburgh Council, Creative Scotland, Young Start - The National Lottery Community Fund, Places for People

The Bank of Scotland Foundation

Walter Scott Giving Group, The Fore, Youth Music Initiative, The Robertson Trust,

The Barcapel Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation

The Gannochy Trust, Mary Janet King Fund, Radio Forth Cash for Kids, Nancie Massey Charitable Trust, Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust, Educational Institute of Scotland, Stevenston Charitable Trust, William Syson Trust, John Watson’s Trust


Image by Andrew Perry

How to find a Dragon 

Created by Geraldine Heaney, Kerry Cleland and Katy Wilson with the Wednesday Young Artists in association with Sprog Rock 

"It's hard to hide a dragon, it's not hard to find a dragon!"


Wednesday Young Artists invite you to join them on an adventure to go looking for a dragon. A


Audiences can expect live performance, the world premiere of a new music video by Sprog Rock and maybe a dragon sighting... watch out for its fire breath!

A.I. + U

Created by Adam Rosa with the Thursday Young Artists 

Dragon Tech, in association with Lyra and the Bright & Wild festival, invites you to experience A.I. + U!


A.I. + U is an interactive peek into the innovative world of artificial intelligence.


What is A.I.? How will A.I. change your life? Will you make a new robot friend? Could A.I. do your job one day? 

The friendly folk at Dragon Tech have the answers. Come face to face with your future at A.I. + U - your tomorrow, today! 

Image by Andrew Perry


Image by Andrew Perry

Learning to Dance in the Rain 

Created by Niamh O'Loughlin with Youth Dance 

Learning to Dance in the Rain is an exploration of confidence, resilience, overcoming challenges and of course, the Scottish weather!


The weather can be unique, epic, surprising and dynamic, just as dance can be. We dance in the ever-changing climate. We dance in the present.


We dance with the wind in our face and the clouds overhead. 

Warm, Cold and Inbetween

Created by Tenzin Stephen and Youth Music 

The infinite cycle of the seasons brings constant change throughout our live and is the framework within which we all live. Warm, Cold and In-between features original music inspired by the changes that come with each season, and how this affects our young musicians. 


Will they remain in this cycle, like a dragon chasing its own tail, or will they break free? 


Image by Andrew Perry

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