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As part of Lyra's Anti-Racism Commitments we have signed up to the Anti-Racism Code of Conduct created by Inc Arts as part of their Arts Against Racism campaign. The following was agreed amongst the participants of their working group and is now being promoted by all those who want to make a stand against racism.

Lyra's Anti-Racism Code of Conduct

Racism, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour exist in our society and therefore can exist in our organisation.

Racism is overt and covert. Systemic racism assumes white superiority individually, ideologically and institutionally. This assumption of superiority can pervade thinking both consciously and unconsciously.

Anti-racist action is everyone’s responsibility; we must work to dismantle systems of oppression and racist behaviour. The purpose of this Code is to make everyone aware that racism will not be tolerated, condoned or ignored.

Anti-racism and anti-oppression must shape our thinking and behaviours, and we aim to embed Anti-racism into every aspect of our work and practice.

  • Everyone who comes into contact with Lyra is expected to adhere to this code of conduct.

  • Everyone is valued and welcome at Lyra. We have a collective responsibility to make Lyra a welcoming space where everyone can feel they belong.

  • We condemn the use of racist language, racial slurs and racist behaviour; this includes and is not limited to Anti-Asian, Anti-Black, Anti-Roma, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, exclusion, minoritising, racialised misogyny, racialised misandry and masculinity bias, and stereotyping.

  • We ask you to take responsibility to interrupt and challenge racist thinking and behaviour by actively learning about racism and oppression – the history and current contexts.

  • Lyra's anti-racism work will be properly resourced. Lyra will regularly review its conduct, procedures and policies and implement training and learning to remain actively anti-racist. Where possible policies, procedures and learning will be shared publicly.

  • Lyra commits to listen and treat seriously any complaints made or issues raised - this includes and is not limited to (intentional or unintentional) microaggressions, racist language, racist gesture, racial slurs and racist behaviour.

  • Lyra understands that reporting racism can be intimidating. We will make the process of reporting clear and straightforward, investigate objectively and respect confidentiality where possible, and resource independent investigation where necessary.


This organisation has a duty to protect victims and individuals who have made a report and, where racism is found to have occurred, take appropriate action. Individuals who witness and make a report or participate in good faith in any investigation into racism should not suffer any form of reprisal or victimisation as a result. 

Reporting procedure: If you have any concerns or would like to report an issue, please contact Chair of the board Louise Gilmour-Wills.


Our anti-racism work is action based and evolving.

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