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The Cultural Home

Scotland's only performing arts venue exclusively for children and teenagers

Welcome to Lyra

Lyra is a performing arts organisation based in Greater Craigmillar (Edinburgh) that makes world-class performances and creative projects for, by and with children and teenagers. We make shows, deliver workshops, run a venue and provide pastoral care.

We champion the voices of children and teenagers as Young Artists and support their political agency as decision makers by providing them with the knowledge, skills, support and resources to make things happen. At Lyra, children and teenagers can choose the artists they want to work with, the shows they want to see and the projects they want to create.

We run Artspace, Scotland's only arts venue exclusively for children and teenagers. In the heart of Craigmillar, with a 116-seat theatre, studio and foyer space, we have been building a community of children and artists since 2012. Our cross art-form programme includes music, dance, theatre-making and creative industry skills, bringing children and young people together with world-class arts professionals from Scotland and abroad.

extraordinary art in an extraordinary place

Did you know?

  • Lyra is a small constellation with one of the brightest stars in the night sky. Can you spot the shape of the constellation in our logo? 

  • Old star maps show the Lyra constellation represented by an eagle (Scotland’s unofficial national bird). 

  • Lyra Silvertongue is the young heroine of Phillip Pullman’s trilogy ‘His Dark Materials’.  

  • In Greek mythology Lyra is the name of Orpheus’ harp. 

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